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Algebra I EOC Requirement

Beginning with the class of 2015 – all A+ qualifiers must meet the additional criteria of having to score proficient or advanced on the Algebra I End of Course Exam.

 Intent:  To demonstrate mastery of Algebra I skills & knowledge as an indicator of college preparedness.

 5 opportunities to qualify

1.    Score Proficient or Advanced on Algebra I EOC

2.    Score Proficient or Advanced on any DESE-authorized higher level math EOC

3.    Achieve cut score on ACT math subtest (17)or Pre-Algebra (43) or Algebra (1)section of the COMPASS exam while in high school

4.    Achieve ACT/COMPASS cut scores while in college

                   *Student responsible for all charges until eligibility is established

 5. If you meet all of the eligibility requirements except the end of course exam requirement, you may establish eligibility by a having a combined ACT math score and high school GPA in accordance with the following scale. You may achieve the qualifying score as a high school or postsecondary student.  If you achieve the score as a postsecondary student you may be eligible for an award in the same term that you take the test.

       ACT Math Score High School GPA
17 and 2.5 or greater
16 and 2.8 or greater
15 and 3.0 or greater


   Requirement is met upon attainment of one of these 4, regardless of previous or subsequent scores achieved

 Multiple attempts possible for all exams

***COMPASS qualification is available only to the Class of 2017. ***