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OHS Check-In/Out Procedures

Dear Ozark HS parents,

Now that we have past the beginning of the school year learning curves we need to let you know about some procedures for checking your child in and out of school. Having one school in two buildings does create new opportunities for us to maneuver around, but if everyone will follow the below procedures, it will make the process easier for all.

When you know your child is going to leave school early:

  • Please send a note with your child to give to the front office when they first arrive at school at either the main building or the OIC.
  • The office will then give your child a pass to show the teacher, and then go to the office to sign out.
  • A pass issued by the office will allow your child to sign out at either building no matter what time of day you need them to check out. ALL students must check in through the office and out through the office BEFORE leaving school.
  • Even if your child is traveling from one building to another, they MUST check out at one of the building offices before going to doctor appointments, home, etc. Failure to check out will result in an unverified absence

Last minute check out during the day:

Please call the attendance line at 417- 582-5901 and select #2 for attendance.

  • Please leave a voicemail on the attendance line. This will alert both buildings that your child needs to check out.

When your child will not be at school:

Please call the attendance line at 417-582-5901 and select #2 for attendance.

  • By leaving your child’s absence on the attendance line, both buildings will be alerted that you child will not be in class.
  • Since we are now one school in two buildings with a growing number of students, please know that contacting your child to leave is not something that can happen immediately. Using the attendance line expedites the process as it will alert both buildings. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but it does take time.

Thank you!