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Parking Tag Information

OHS Transportation & Parking Regulations

The following rules apply for students who transport themselves to school in a private vehicle:

  • Students are assigned a parking lot designated for their use. Seniors have first opportunity to pick their lot, followed by juniors and sophomores.

  • Students may not purchase a permit or be assigned a parking lot during the current school year without a driver’s license.

  • Students may NOT park in visitor parking unless another car is parked in their assigned space.  The student must notify the office immediately that they are parked in visitor parking.  Failure to report to the office could result in a parking violation.

  • The vehicle is to be operated in a safe manner at all times while on school property, while at any school activity whether on or off of school property, and on all roadways.

  • Once students enter the driveway or school grounds they are considered “at school.”

  • From the time of arrival until the close of the school day, students are not permitted to be in or around cars or to loiter in the parking lot.

  • Students may not bring private transportation onto school property unless they, and the vehicle, conform to existing regulations concerning the operation of such vehicles by the State of Missouri.

  • Private transportation to school is a privilege.  The administration may revoke this privilege at any time.

  • All students who drive to school must have a parking permit purchased through the school office.  This permit must be purchased yearly.  The permit must be visible and hung on the rear view mirror.  If the permit is placed anywhere else, a violation may be issued.

  • Students responsible for a driving or parking violation or who do not display a permit will receive one warning.  On the second violation, the driving privileges may be suspended for one week.  Each subsequent violation will result in an additional week of suspension of driving privileges and/or the revocation of driving privileges.

  • Should a student be responsible for two violations at the same time, on the same day, that student will lose her/his driving privileges for one week.

  • Students are not to be on school property after hours, or on non-school days, unless they are participating in or attending a school-sponsored activity.  The District may, at its discretion, refer student trespassers to law enforcement.

  • Students may not transfer their parking tag to another student at any time or for any reason.  All parking permit assignments are arranged through the office.