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Student ID

Student are REQUIRED to wear their ID badge at all times during the school day.

WHY am I getting this access card?  The access control card is for student and faculty security. This ID card will identify you as a student or authorized faculty member of Ozark High School.

WHAT can I do with this access card? The access control card will allow you access into the school building when school is in session. This card will also serve as your student ID for school functions or events. 

WHEN can I use the Access Control Card? You may begin using your card immediately. Your access control card will give you access into the building during the designated times and locations listed below when school is in session:

Exterior Access Control Doors: 7am-8am Monday – Friday; After 8am, all late arriving students, parents, and public will need to use the Main Entrance where visitors will be buzzed into the front office and students will be able to enter the front office using their access control card.

  • Students with off campus passes will be permitted to enter through the Red Hall with their off campus pass and access control card.
  • From 7-8am, when students are arriving to school, 2 entrances (Main Entrance and bus entrance) will remain unlocked and not require the access card.

HOW do I get a new access control card?  Ozark School District will give each High School student one free access control/student ID card. If the student loses their card and needs a replacement card there will be a charge of $7 for each additional card.  Lost or stolen ID cards need to be reported to Julie Wood -  in the business office as soon as you realize it is missing.